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Free Widgets

This is our Free Widgets section at Foreign Exchange UK. Here you can grab everything from a live foreign exchange rate calculator with the ability to set margins or go interbank, to live currency rate scrollers...

Our FX Widgets

Here's our a preview of our free widgets...

Foreign Exchange Rate Calculator

version 1.1 - 11/12/2011

A live ajax-powered currency calculator featuring 120+ currencies updated every minute within forex trading hours, with margins and saved settings!

FEATURES: User changeable currencies and amounts. User can choose to see the Interbank rate or set his/her own margin to apply! User can store their favourite currency/margin settings by selecting the saved selections checkbox, so when the user returns, their favourite currencies and margins are auto-loaded! They can then flick between their stored version and the default website settings.

DESIGN: Set colours, default currencies, default margin selection and margin %

All in all, we think you'll find this a rather special widget, all free courtesy Foreign Exchange UK.

Foreign Exchange Rates Table With Charts

version 2.1 - 17/02/2012

A live ajax-powered rates table widget featuring base currency vs 1-10 other currencies updated every minute within forex trading hours, with rollover 30 day charts!

FEATURES: User changeable base currency and set default base currency. Set default 1-10 currencies to compare! Rollover 30 day charts for each of the currency pairs.

DESIGN: Set link colours, border colour, default currencies, timezone

Another cracking widget, lovingly crafted by Foreign Exchange UK.