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Foreign Exchange UK, Currency Exchange Rates, Charts & History

Welcome to Foreign Exchange UK, a website devoted to bringing you live foreign exchange rates prices & charts. If you're after a quick check of live exchange rates, then use the quick currency selection tool below:

GBP EUR 1 British Pound = 1.1865 Euros Convert Sterling to Euros
GBP USD 1 British Pound = 1.2917 Dollars Convert Sterling to Dollars
GBP NZD 1 British Pound = 2.1483 New Zealand Dollars Convert Sterling to NZ Dollars
GBP AUD 1 British Pound = 1.9326 Australian Dollars Convert Sterling to Aus Dollars
GBP CAD 1 British Pound = 1.7791 Canadian Dollars Convert Sterling to Canadian Dollars
GBP NOK 1 British Pound = 14.110 Norwegian Krone Convert Sterling to Krone
GBP HKD 1 British Pound = 10.089 Hong Kong Dollars Convert Sterling to HK Dollars
GBP CHF 1 British Pound = 1.1481 Swiss Francs Convert Sterling to Swiss Francs
GBP TRY 1 British Pound = 42.663 Lira Convert Sterling to Lira
GBP ZAR 1 British Pound = 23.61 South African Rands Convert Sterling to Rands
GBP AED 1 British Pound = 4.7446 Dirhams Convert Sterling to Dirhams
GBP INR 1 British Pound = 108.15 Rupees Convert Sterling to Rupees
GBP SGD 1 British Pound = 1.7374 Singapore Dollars Convert Sterling to Sing Dollars
GBP JPY 1 British Pound = 203.43 Yen Convert Sterling to Yen
GBP CNY 1 British Pound = 9.391 Yuan Convert Sterling to Yuan
EUR GBP 1 Euro = 0.8428 Pounds Convert Euros to Sterling
EUR USD 1 Euro = 1.0887 Dollars Convert Euros to Dollars
EUR NZD 1 Euro = 1.8107 New Zealand Dollars Convert Euros to NZ Dollars
EUR AUD 1 Euro = 1.6289 Australian Dollars Convert Euros to Aus Dollars
EUR CAD 1 Euro = 1.4995 Canadian Dollars Convert Euros to Canadian Dollars
EUR NOK 1 Euro = 11.893 Norwegian Krone Convert Euros to Krone
EUR HKD 1 Euro = 8.5039 Hong Kong Dollars Convert Euros to HK Dollars
EUR CHF 1 Euro = 0.9677 Swiss Francs Convert Euros to Swiss Francs
EUR TRY 1 Euro = 35.959 Lira Convert Euros to Lira
EUR ZAR 1 Euro = 19.899 South African Rands Convert Euros to Rands
EUR AED 1 Euro = 3.999 Dirhams Convert Euros to Dirhams
EUR INR 1 Euro = 91.161 Rupees Convert Euros to Rupees
EUR SGD 1 Euro = 1.4644 Singapore Dollars Convert Euros to Sing Dollars
EUR JPY 1 Euro = 171.46 Yen Convert Euros to Yen
EUR CNY 1 Euro = 7.9152 Yuan Convert Euros to Yuan
USD GBP 1 Us Dollar = 0.7741 Pounds Convert Dollars to Sterling
USD EUR 1 Us Dollar = 0.9185 Euros Convert Dollars to Euros
USD NZD 1 Us Dollar = 1.6631 New Zealand Dollars Convert Dollars to NZ Dollars
USD AUD 1 Us Dollar = 1.4961 Australian Dollars Convert Dollars to Aus Dollars
USD CAD 1 Us Dollar = 1.3773 Canadian Dollars Convert Dollars to Canadian Dollars
USD NOK 1 Us Dollar = 10.923 Norwegian Krone Convert Dollars to Krone
USD HKD 1 Us Dollar = 7.8108 Hong Kong Dollars Convert Dollars to HK Dollars
USD CHF 1 Us Dollar = 0.8888 Swiss Francs Convert Dollars to Swiss Francs
USD TRY 1 Us Dollar = 33.028 Lira Convert Dollars to Lira
USD ZAR 1 Us Dollar = 18.277 South African Rands Convert Dollars to Rands
USD AED 1 Us Dollar = 3.673 Dirhams Convert Dollars to Dirhams
USD INR 1 Us Dollar = 83.730 Rupees Convert Dollars to Rupees
USD SGD 1 Us Dollar = 1.345 Singapore Dollars Convert Dollars to Sing Dollars
USD JPY 1 Us Dollar = 157.48 Yen Convert Dollars to Yen
USD CNY 1 Us Dollar = 7.27 Yuan Convert Dollars to Yuan
NZD GBP 1 New Zealand Dollar = 0.4655 Pounds Convert NZ Dollars to Sterling
NZD EUR 1 New Zealand Dollar = 0.5523 Euros Convert NZ Dollars to Euros
NZD USD 1 New Zealand Dollar = 0.6013 Dollars Convert NZ Dollars to Dollars
NZD AUD 1 New Zealand Dollar = 0.8996 Australian Dollars Convert NZ Dollars to Aus Dollars
NZD CAD 1 New Zealand Dollar = 0.8281 Canadian Dollars Convert NZ Dollars to Canadian Dollars
NZD NOK 1 New Zealand Dollar = 6.5684 Norwegian Krone Convert NZ Dollars to Krone
NZD HKD 1 New Zealand Dollar = 4.6966 Hong Kong Dollars Convert NZ Dollars to HK Dollars
NZD CHF 1 New Zealand Dollar = 0.5344 Swiss Francs Convert NZ Dollars to Swiss Francs
NZD TRY 1 New Zealand Dollar = 19.859 Lira Convert NZ Dollars to Lira
NZD ZAR 1 New Zealand Dollar = 10.990 South African Rands Convert NZ Dollars to Rands
NZD AED 1 New Zealand Dollar = 2.2086 Dirhams Convert NZ Dollars to Dirhams
NZD INR 1 New Zealand Dollar = 50.347 Rupees Convert NZ Dollars to Rupees
NZD SGD 1 New Zealand Dollar = 0.8087 Singapore Dollars Convert NZ Dollars to Sing Dollars
NZD JPY 1 New Zealand Dollar = 94.695 Yen Convert NZ Dollars to Yen
NZD CNY 1 New Zealand Dollar = 4.3714 Yuan Convert NZ Dollars to Yuan
AUD GBP 1 Australian Dollar = 0.5174 Pounds Convert Aus Dollars to Sterling
AUD EUR 1 Australian Dollar = 0.6139 Euros Convert Aus Dollars to Euros
AUD USD 1 Australian Dollar = 0.6684 Dollars Convert Aus Dollars to Dollars
AUD NZD 1 Australian Dollar = 1.1116 New Zealand Dollars Convert Aus Dollars to NZ Dollars
AUD CAD 1 Australian Dollar = 0.9206 Canadian Dollars Convert Aus Dollars to Canadian Dollars
AUD NOK 1 Australian Dollar = 7.3013 Norwegian Krone Convert Aus Dollars to Krone
AUD HKD 1 Australian Dollar = 5.2207 Hong Kong Dollars Convert Aus Dollars to HK Dollars
AUD CHF 1 Australian Dollar = 0.5941 Swiss Francs Convert Aus Dollars to Swiss Francs
AUD TRY 1 Australian Dollar = 22.075 Lira Convert Aus Dollars to Lira
AUD ZAR 1 Australian Dollar = 12.216 South African Rands Convert Aus Dollars to Rands
AUD AED 1 Australian Dollar = 2.455 Dirhams Convert Aus Dollars to Dirhams
AUD INR 1 Australian Dollar = 55.965 Rupees Convert Aus Dollars to Rupees
AUD SGD 1 Australian Dollar = 0.899 Singapore Dollars Convert Aus Dollars to Sing Dollars
AUD JPY 1 Australian Dollar = 105.26 Yen Convert Aus Dollars to Yen
AUD CNY 1 Australian Dollar = 4.8593 Yuan Convert Aus Dollars to Yuan
CAD GBP 1 Canadian Dollar = 0.5621 Pounds Convert Canadian Dollars to Sterling
CAD EUR 1 Canadian Dollar = 0.6669 Euros Convert Canadian Dollars to Euros
CAD USD 1 Canadian Dollar = 0.7261 Dollars Convert Canadian Dollars to Dollars
CAD NZD 1 Canadian Dollar = 1.2075 New Zealand Dollars Convert Canadian Dollars to NZ Dollars
CAD AUD 1 Canadian Dollar = 1.0863 Australian Dollars Convert Canadian Dollars to Aus Dollars
CAD NOK 1 Canadian Dollar = 7.9315 Norwegian Krone Convert Canadian Dollars to Krone
CAD HKD 1 Canadian Dollar = 5.6713 Hong Kong Dollars Convert Canadian Dollars to HK Dollars
CAD CHF 1 Canadian Dollar = 0.6453 Swiss Francs Convert Canadian Dollars to Swiss Francs
CAD TRY 1 Canadian Dollar = 23.981 Lira Convert Canadian Dollars to Lira
CAD ZAR 1 Canadian Dollar = 13.271 South African Rands Convert Canadian Dollars to Rands
CAD AED 1 Canadian Dollar = 2.6669 Dirhams Convert Canadian Dollars to Dirhams
CAD INR 1 Canadian Dollar = 60.795 Rupees Convert Canadian Dollars to Rupees
CAD SGD 1 Canadian Dollar = 0.9766 Singapore Dollars Convert Canadian Dollars to Sing Dollars
CAD JPY 1 Canadian Dollar = 114.34 Yen Convert Canadian Dollars to Yen
CAD CNY 1 Canadian Dollar = 5.2786 Yuan Convert Canadian Dollars to Yuan
ZAR GBP 1 South African Rand = 0.0424 Pounds Convert Rands to Sterling
ZAR EUR 1 South African Rand = 0.0503 Euros Convert Rands to Euros
ZAR USD 1 South African Rand = 0.0547 Dollars Convert Rands to Dollars
ZAR NZD 1 South African Rand = 0.091 New Zealand Dollars Convert Rands to NZ Dollars
ZAR AUD 1 South African Rand = 0.0819 Australian Dollars Convert Rands to Aus Dollars
ZAR CAD 1 South African Rand = 0.0754 Canadian Dollars Convert Rands to Canadian Dollars
ZAR NOK 1 South African Rand = 0.5977 Norwegian Krone Convert Rands to Krone
ZAR HKD 1 South African Rand = 0.4273 Hong Kong Dollars Convert Rands to HK Dollars
ZAR CHF 1 South African Rand = 0.0486 Swiss Francs Convert Rands to Swiss Francs
ZAR TRY 1 South African Rand = 1.807 Lira Convert Rands to Lira
ZAR AED 1 South African Rand = 0.201 Dirhams Convert Rands to Dirhams
ZAR INR 1 South African Rand = 4.5811 Rupees Convert Rands to Rupees
ZAR SGD 1 South African Rand = 0.0736 Singapore Dollars Convert Rands to Sing Dollars
ZAR JPY 1 South African Rand = 8.6163 Yen Convert Rands to Yen
ZAR CNY 1 South African Rand = 0.3978 Yuan Convert Rands to Yuan

Personal Foreign Exchange

For any foreign exchange requirement, a specialist fx broker can assist in helping you make the most of your money. Whether you are buying an overseas property, emigrating or paying bills you will get highly competitive exchange rates with no fees and a fast, safe transfer of funds every single time to any chosen account.

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Business Foreign Exchange

With the difficulties of the current economic climate, business owners face a continual challenge of keeping costs low and making the most of their money. Currency strategists are on hand to provide you options that may help to avoid currency fluctuations and help take the risk out of the volatile market during difficult times.

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